The growth and development of the hotel and hospitality industry worldwide necessitates training of professional hospitality providers (Waitrons, Cooks, Chefs, and Front Office Associates) to offer quality services for the target markets. The tourism industry under the Ministry of Tourism Wild life and Antiquities is one of the fastest growing sectors in Uganda’s economy.

The urge to equip Ugandans with measurable set of knowledge, skills, and attitude to perform a task effectively has called for a review in the curricula. It is vital to ensure that learners gain the best possible competences in order to provide them with a realistic chance of succeeding in today’s highly competitive job market. The quality of training provided should be judged above all by its potential impact on the learners’ performance.

Studying Institutional catering fosters intellectual, social and moral development by assisting learners to think critically about the role they play in communities. The skills acquired shall enhance learners’ confidence and ability to participate effectively in income generating activities; not only as members of the business world, but also as informed citizens dealing with issues emanating from all activities that impact on their lives.

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This diploma aims at equipping trainees with knowledge and skills in food production, processing, preservation, and utilization so to raise nutritional status and income of families. The course content is as follows;

• Food science
• Human nutrition
• Home management
• Food processing and preservation
• Principles of agriculture and livestock production
• Plant protection
• Horticulture
• Production and Animal husbandry
• Farm economics
• Statistics
• Agricultural extension
• Special project
• Field practical

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